In 1987, we first started growing tomatoes in our old garden, which
consisted of three raised beds and a very small pumpkin patch. In the
early spring of 2005, we moved to the Slocum River-Horseneck Road area
in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. We now have 8 acres that face the
Slocum River on a gently rising hill. The land had previously been used
for a cattle pasture, and needless to say, is a gardener's paradise. It
contains dark rich soil, is drenched in sunshine and moisture, is
gracefully guarded by many different birds and animals, and is decorated
with a large array of flowers. Our first season was totally exhilarating and
we have been energized ever since.

Since then, we have quickly expanded our appreciation of heirloom
tomatoes. Their charm, taste, appearance and class are the unique
characteristics that give us good reason to continuously expand our
endeavors. Not to be overlooked, some modern hybrids include excellent
specimens, and are grown along side their classy ancestors.

We have also formed a garden club around the heirloom tomatoes called
"Slocum's Corner Tomato Growers". The club is a society of gardeners
who love to grow tomatoes and talk about the process. We each approach
tomatoes in our own way and style, but we share two things in common:
our love of gardening and our love of tomatoes!

So we are offering them to you out of our love of growing, our love of
sharing beautiful things, and as a fantastic way to do charity.

You get the benefits of appreciating and dining on some of the finest
tomatoes grown anywhere and knowing that a portion of your money is
going to these worthy causes:
the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, the
Buttonwood Park Zoo
, the Dartmouth Natural Resource Trust, and the

Thank you very much for your interest and support.

Bob and Janet Feingold